Kendrick Lamar has finally taken some time to answer a lot of questions that have been raised since he released his monumental "Control" verse. K.Dot spoke to Peter Rosenberg at HOT97 about the responses to the track, competition in the rap game, his King of New York Line" and more.

Read a few excerpts from the interview below.

On his favorite responses:

I liked the Los verse, Joe Budden did his thing, Joell-- a lot of people with different approaches. Joey had the facts in his verse, a few things that he felt. Papoose had the comical joint. Los was flippin' his words, putting that spunk on it. Los killed it, out of everybody.

On the verse affecting his relationship with other rappers:

I didn’t hear from nobody. But I wasn’t worried about it affecting relationships. At the end of the day, if you listen to the line these are the cats that I feel like inspire the game. They inspire to be the best like I how I inspire to be the best. They’re competitive, they respect the culture I don’t feel like there should be some time of ill-feel toward it.

On The "King Of New York" line:

It made me go back in and feel like I gotta probably dumb down my lyrics nowadays for the people that take it way out of context the way that they did. The irony behind it all is … the ones to really understood context of the line is the kings of New York that I met with this week. The cats that I’ve sat down with this past week. It’s not about what coast, it’s not about what side we on. It’s about being as great as Biggie and Pac, the two cats that I reference from jump. I feel like I’m a student. I’m a student of the work they did. Eventually when I put down my 20 years in the game I can eventually plant my foot and have that same type my legacy. But for people who are trying to make it something that it’s not, I would never try to take the history from what Pac and BIG laid. And, to keep it 100 with you, Snoop will always be number 1.

On Jay Z and Diddy's reaction:

That’s classified between me and him, but it was all love and respect. Same way with Diddy and a few other cats. At the end of the day, I feel as though you got certain cats that really want to take it to the next level and make it a rivalry thing, that’s old school homey. I’m a Black man out here trying to uplift the culture. My first sold out show was in New York, so I always looked at that place as a place that respected me and my lyrics. I think the ones that took it out of context where the people that want to grab an opportunity off of the hype of the record rather than actually tuning in and listening and knowing how hungry I am. A lot of people think it’s about talent, that’s where they get it wrong. I’m saying I’m the most hungriest in this. 

On restoring competition in rap: 

I respect the legends in the game, people that done it before me, people that lost their lives over this. So because of what they laid down I’m a try go harder. Breathe it. Live it. That’s the point of the whole verse, what I was trying to convey through that verse. All that ignorance behind it, you can kill all that noise. It’ll never be like that again where two coasts have a rivalry. Not on my behalf, not while I’m doing it. And I think the OGs would want that anyways, that competitive nature back and no bloodshed over it. I’m way too wise and way too polished to get caught up in the hype and media. But what I’m scared of is cats that’s not that polished and they get caught up in what they Twitter responses is saying and homies around them is saying, and people trying to gas em up, and then want to take it to the next level. Nah, that’s not G, that’s not gangsta.

On Papoose’s verse:

I thought it was comical if anything. It had me laughing but not only that I respect the game. I understand when opportunity presents itself , you gotta make a way for yourself. That was the perfect opportunity to go out there and make a response and get that buzz. And he got that buzz going for himself. At the end of the day I wanna see everybody eat. Ain’t no ill will. It’s all love. It had me cracking up.

Listen to the full interview below.