Kendall Jenner is putting these boys to work. As reported yesterday, she recently hit Nobu in Malibu with A$AP Rocky, whom she's been affiliated with since the summertime. An insider said that things were heating up with the high-fashion pairing, to the point that the 21-year-old supermodel is considering becoming exclusive with the 28-year-old rapper. As gossip heads will know, however, Jenner has also been spending some quality time with 24-year-old Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson. And a new report confirms that he's indeed still in the picture.

In fact, on the day after her sushi date with Rocky, Jenner was spotted alongside Clarkson doing some Christmas shopping. A date at Nobu should suggest that Rocky got the work later that night, whereas the case for Clarkson's holiday outing isn't quite as convincing. Still, it appears that Jenner is still juggling the two eligible black bachelors, and that's fine for now, though it's only a matter of time until the Lakers run into the A$AP Mob and the two rival suitors will have to duke it out over the young heiress whose net worth is way more than both of theirs combined. 

Who do you see winning this battle? The young Filipino shooter or the Pretty Motherfucker?