Someone must have really spoken out against Los Angeles in earshot of Karrueche because the model and actress has jumped to Instagram to defend the city she calls home. Karrueche has seemingly been in and out of the city recently for business and pleasure (as we can see via her Instagram stories) but where ever she is LA is her number one and she isn't down for people disrespecting her stomping grounds. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images 

"I love LA and am PROUD to be from here. A lot of people have misconceptions about LA.. saying they don’t like the vibes out here or how fake it is.. (when really they’re referring to “Hollywood” and “the industry”) but that judgement comes from the people who aren’t from here.. who move here with hopes and dreams (which there is nothing wrong with) however, it bothers me to hear people say “LA is so fake,” Karrueche captioned an image of herself looking down.

"LA natives are far from that.. very far. And if you have a problem with LA.. move back home. Please :) Sorry for going on a rant but I miss the fuck out of LA. (hence my facial expression in this photo). I could be from anywhere in the world.. and I’m from one of the greatest, realist cities out here."