A couple months ago Karruche finally confirmed her relationship with football player Victor Cruz. "We’ve been hanging out and getting to know one another. My main priority is always work, but he’s a gentleman. He’s a sweet guy and he’s really nice," she said. Since then, her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has shared some positive comments about Karruche's relationship saying "they look good together." He even posted and deleted a picture that suggested he still may not be over her.

All that aside, Karruche and Victor are still getting to know each other and seemingly enjoying every moment of it. The duo was spotted in Miami today, posted up on the beach with nothing but smiles. Paparazzi snapped some of their intimate moments in the water, and just lounging in the sand. One of the best photos that have come out of the many snaps is Victor licking his lips as Karruche walks away - timing for that picture is everything, but it's clear Victor likes what he sees. 

Check out some snaps below.