Kareem Hunt sat down with ESPN's Lisa Salters to explain the "before and after" of the violent attack which has led an immediate exemption from the NFL's head office. As reported, the NFL running back was on caught on tape violently assaulting a 19-year old, the incident taking place in a Cleveland hotel at an earlier date. Hunt told Lisa Salters that he'd never seen the video before it was posted by TMZ - that he wasn't "that type of person" that would do "that" on a regular basis, or ever.

Kareem feigned remorse for his actions. "Honestly, it was just a long night. To be exact, it don't really matter ... I was in the wrong," he told Lisa Salters. That would be as far as Hunt would take the scene narrative before seeking forgiveness later on in the process.

"Honestly, I wanted her just to leave, but it's no excuse," Hunt said after replaying the video with Lisa Salters. "I thought of myself as being ... that's not me. I was raised better than that." Minutes after being placed on the NFL's "Exempt List," Kareem Hunt was shown the door by his employer, the Kansa City Chiefs. Sources say the NFL has found any incriminating evidence to expand upon Kareem Hunt current punishment. As Kareem openly stated to ESPN's Lisa Salters, the league has not spoken to him directly about their investigation or the video itself.