When The Life of Pablo released, Kanye West declared that the album would “never be for sale” on sites like Apple’s iTunes, instead forcing anyone who wants to listen to the album to sign up for Tidal. Kanye has remained true to that declaration,  updating the existing album on Tidal with new versions of a few tracks, until today. Twitter account TeamKanyeDaily posted a tweet showing that the album’s new single “Famous,” is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. For reference, "Famous" is the track containing the controversial Taylor Swift line.

Now, this makes sense for Def Jam, a label that has so far allowed its streaming revenue to be severely undercut while Kanye puts on for Tidal. The lead single will finally reach the ears of people who weren’t among the hundreds of thousands to download the album on The Pirate Bay, and Kanye gets to more or less keep his original declaration intact. We’ll have to wait and see if more songs get the single treatment and become widely available for streaming.

What this means is that ‘Ye will definitely not be making any other changes to “Famous,” as he did for “Wolves” and other songs on the album. Stream "Famous" on Spotify and Apple Music now.