On late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, hours after his performance on Saturday Night Live, Kanye West released The Life of Pablo exclusively on TIDAL. Yesterday (Feb. 14), Kanye tweeted, "I decided not to sell my album for another week. Please subscribe to tidal," before going on to point out that, thanks to The Life of Pablo, TIDAL is now listed as No. 1 on Apple's app charts.

A day later, Kanye has gone back on his word -- asserting that The Life of Pablo will not be released on iTunes, or any other online platform for that matter. Instead, it will stay confined to TIDAL, the streaming service that has experienced a major comeback in 2016, thanks to exclusive access to Rihanna's ANTI, and, now, The Life of Pablo


His tweet also seems to imply that The Life of Pablo won't be available for physical release. 

Still resisting the TIDAL wave? Well, immediately after detailing his choice not to sell his album elsewhere, Kanye revealed that TIDAL will also have -- likely exclusive -- access to his GOOD Friday releases. As for what fans can expect on forthcoming Fridays, Kanye confirmed Young Thug's audacious claim that he and Kanye have made 40 songs together. And guess what? Kanye's got another 40 songs with another rapper by the name of Kendrick Lamar. It seems that Kanye has officially anointed TIDAL as the second 40/40 club to be under Jay Z's ownership.