Kanye West discussed a lot of things during his second appearance on Drink Champs, including his plan to “buy America.” During their chat, N.O.R.E. mentioned that the “Heartless” rapper had brought this up to him over the phone in the past.

“You wasn’t supposed to bring that part up,” Ye joked, before confirming, “I’m going to,” choosing to carefully speak about his plans as if they’ve already happened, and America is already his. “That’s shit that people don’t think about,” N.O.R.E. responded. “Even with the Wyoming move, you bought the whole land out there?”

The father of four then confirmed that he has 12,000 acres spanning across two ranches in the state. “Elon been telling me, ‘Yo, you gotta come out to Austin and see what we’re doing out here.’ J Prince just invited me to Houston. I asked if I can build on my land out there but they keep stopping what I’m doing,” West explained, referencing the dome-like structures he began building on his Calabasas property.

Ye shared that he hopes to be a part of some community building in the future, and even mentioned Young Thug’s plan for Slime City. “I hit Thug up, I was like, ‘I got the bars on it.’ One of it is the plumbing, and irrigation. Make one system for the entire community. Put one farm in the middle of the community.”

“Make it so that there’s no cars in the middle of the community,” he continued. “Make the diet that we plant around the Dr. Sebi diet. You have to be on the grid a little bit when you’re in America, but use the least amount of off the grid energy as possible…You thought I wasn’t gonna get myself killed in this interview,” West laughed.

The Yeezy creator then cited Nikola Tesla, who’s scientific work found that the Earth itself is a giant generator, but because we’ve “all been put into the grid, into the system,” we’re not aware of the inventions that exist using more sustainable methods.

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