It comes as no surprise that Kanye West would call someone on such a day that is Christmas to talk about his creative ideas and ways to collaborate. Maybe now that Kanye was three children and a very large extended family, he may no longer make such a call, but back in the day when he collaborated with Lily Allen on Common’s "Drive Me Wild," he did the damn thing. 

Lily recently chatted with Brisbane’s Hit105 Radio and explained a time she had to politely get Kanye off the phone one Christmas morning "a long time ago."

“He wanted to speak about for like an hour and a half, and I was like ‘ahhh I’m kind of busy Kanye. I have some presents to open and turkey to cook and stuff, but thanks for calling!'" she said, via NME. She later praised his work ethic since witnessing it first-hand calling him “very focused”.

In other Ye news, he's officially back on Instagram. No one really knows how long his Insta-returns will last but he's posted a few things that make give clues to his next creative idea. Check it out here