Kanye West is a man on a mission, seemingly hellbent on exposing the rampant corruption that appears to be permeating the music industry. Between sharing his entire recording contract down to the last word of legalese, and urinating a mighty stream of defiance onto his unsuspecting Grammy, Yeezy's Twitter page has been abuzz with bombshells.

Kanye West Jay-Z

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In the midst of the revelatory spree, it was reported that Jay-Z had gained ownership of Kanye's first six albums upon purchasing the Roc-A-Fella imprint, with a narrative suggesting he had traded Ye's masters to gain his own. In reality, it's far more likely that Yeezy's six albums in question were collateral damage in a larger business deal that transpired when Jay-Z sold his Roc-A-Fella shares to Def Jam; from there, he was able to move to gain his own albums back. Still, many have taken a firm stance against The Jigga Man, adding further divide between the once mighty Throne duo.

Despite the unfortunate optics surrounding this latest narrative in the Jay-Z vs Kanye West saga, it would appear that Yeezy is keeping a cool head in the face of it. He recently took to Twitter to address the "Jay-Z sold his masters" saga head-on, maintaining that Jay was simply another victim of the system. "Don’t let the system pit us against each other," writes Yeezy, sharing a screenshot of Akademiks' initial report. "JAY IS MY BROTHER ... I have eternal love for all artist that have been through and are still trapped this crooked system. Jay still doesn’t get his own masters back for ten years. I will see to it that we all get our masters."

Clearly, Kanye is dedicated to mending the fences with many of his rivals, namely Drake, J. Cole, and Jay-Z. While it's unlikely that the Jigga Man will address the situation head-on, it's refreshing to see Kanye West stand so firmly behind a righteous cause, unwilling to lose sight of the bigger picture.