It looks like Yeezy SZN is approaching people. Last week, Kanye West had to bail on Kim K at Met Gala for an unknown reason, and then he followed that up by deleting his Twitter & Instagram accounts, giving us a possible hint that a new album was on the way, and now we just got confirmation. According to TMZ, Kanye has been held up at a retreat in Wyoming at the top of a mountain working on his next album.

TMZ claims they know exactly where he’s at, and that he’s been there for a week and also went 2 weeks earlier, so he’s deep into the creative process.

Sources told TMZ this is the reason for his absence with Kim lately, and why his social media accounts went bye bye. It apparently has nothing to with his personal life, but all about creating new music right now.

We’ll keep you posted moving forward on any further updates. However knowing Kanye, don’t get your hopes up that the final product is coming anytime soon. Hopefully a single though?