Kanye West was back at with the twitter fingers Friday night, but this time he wasn’t ranting or causing drama. Instead, the G.O.O.D. Music leader gave fans something look forward to other than his upcoming Turbo Graphx16 album when he announced that he'd be producing on Nas' next album, or least at that's what he promised President Obama anyways.

The tweet surfaces just hours after 'Ye & Nas linked up in the sandy desert of Mojave, California to shoot the music video for French Montana’s Wave Gods collab “Figure It Out.” (see photos here) So they had just spent the entire afternoon together.

'Ye followed up the promise, by adding that “we need to bring Max B, Lord (Timothy Ballard) and Barkim back home @nas @FrenchMontana#Harlem#QB” in a tweet. Ironically, it was just a couple weeks ago when French revealed that Kanye didn't even know who Max B was originally, but I guess things have changed.

As for when that Nas album could be coming? That's anyone guess, but its anticipation just got that much bigger. Check out Kanye's tweets below.