Kanye West placed his beef with Drake on pause to share some love for other rappers. He took to Twitter to address the stigmatizing placed on mental health issues and expressed how a track on Gucci Mane's latest album is helping the issue.

His musings began with his current state of mind. Ye told his following that he is excited about his upcoming releases, specifying that his current demeanor matches the one he wore during the production of a fan favorite.

"I’m loving the new music I’ve been working on. 6 months off meds I can feel me again. Remember when dark fantasy came out I used to tweet a storm also."

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Then, he acknowledged the fellow rappers who have brought mental health to the forefront. The post contained a couple of typos, but the sentiment seems genuine. No disrespect to Gucci.

"I love that we are destigmitizing mental health Gucciman and Quavo have a song Bipolar this is so good for culture"

The joint track boasts about being "crazy" with lyrics like, "Bipolar gang 'cause I spaz on that bitch/I fucked her and get her out of my face, that's the bipolar shit."

The track appears on Gucci's latest album Evil Genius. Stream "Bipolar" below.