Kanye West seems to have learned about himself this holiday season. According to one of his most recent tweets, his aura might be green: " My das said he sees a green aura around me so I looked this up and this described me perfectly." Ye attached a screenshot of the source from which he based this conclusion. The following breaks down part of the description he posted in relation to recent events surrounding the producer and his public persona.

The screengrab states that those with "green auras" are "in touch with nature. They are balanced, content, and probably the most sane of the Auras." During the recording of Yhandi, the rapper expressed renewed interest in nature and his desire to touch the soil of the Motherland. In terms of "balance," it could be argued that the maintenance of polarity could constitute an equilibrium, which might be embodied in Kanye's embrace of his fluctuating phases of mania.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"Green's [sic] also tend to be spiritual and it is often difficult for them to hold back their feelings." Yeezy says he conjures spirits when he records and that second part needs no real explanation.

The source also stated that "they love to be with their family and friends and have long lasting [sic] friendships." His love for his family, especially his children is flagrant. It's the kind of love that makes Kanye jump of tables and dance.

"They're great communicaters [sic]." His music is fire so this is true for Kanye in the creative sense. Where is Yhandi, though?