Kanye West polarized his fanbase this year when he opened up about his support for Donald Trump and befriended ring-wing pundit Candace Owens. Many of his fans were ready to cancel him, especially after the release of Ye which is inarguably the worst album he's released in his career. While it's unsure if there's a direct connection between his political stance and his music, it sure came across like that. However, the rapper finally came to his senses earlier today when he announced that he realized he was becoming a political pawn. He clarified to TMZ that he was merely speaking on Candace Owens' "Blexit" campaign and didn't mention at Donald Trump, but he did say that he'll be distancing himself from politics altogether.

While it seems as if he still supports Trump, now that Kanye West announced that he'll be distancing himself from politics, fans are still skeptical about his intentions. The rapper is clearly gearing up to release Yandhi in the coming weeks so many think this could be a marketing tool. Additionally, he made the announcement shortly before the mid-term elections which also seems a bit fishy.

Overall, Kanye West shocked many people with his recent statements, although it doesn't necessarily mean he isn't supporting Trump anymore. While people may still hold resentment against him, many others, like Talib Kweli, are welcoming him back from the sunken place.

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