When Kanye West launched his forever-evolving seventh studio album, The Life Of Pablo, at Madison Square Garden in 2016, he previewed a video game he was working on called, "Only One." Over two years later and there hasn't been another update since. However, there seems to be another Ye-centric video game in the works that isn't actually coming from his camp. Ali Graham's been working on a series of Kanye inspired animations called "Lil Ye." However, he's taken the idea to new heights and began working on a video game called "Lil Ye Land."

Kanye West is the focal point of this new video game called, "Lil Ye Land." Graham's video game takes direct inspiration from the world of Kanye West from his public persona to his music and fashion. As of right now, there's only a demo to the game but Graham's been working on turning it into a full game with even more worlds and bosses included. He also started a Kickstarter to build the game even further.

"It's just a taste of what we want to do," Graham told Pigeons & Planes about the demo. "We've actually got a few more levels of the Kids See Ghosts demo to release, including an epic boss level! Hopefully in the next couple of days, which will also be available to download on mobile devices. Depending on how much we can raise with the Kickstarter, the more levels and features we can add."

Each level has heavy references to Kanye's music and lyrics. Graham says there's even a "few familiar-faced friends to help Lil Ye along the way."

You could check out the demo right here.