If Kanye West has been trying to convince us that he loves Donald Trump, as Ebro suggested yesterday, this will certainly do the trick. After he was spotted at Trump Tower shortly after Trump was elected to become the next President of the United States, Kanye stated during one of his shows that, although he didn't vote, he would have ticked the Trump box if he had. While many former Trump supporters have publicly regretted voting for him on social media, Ye is taking an opposite route, fervently supporting him in his fight against the "thought police." 

During a supposed 30-minute conversation with radio personality Ebro, Ye admitted that he loves Donald Trump while explaining his support for Candace Owens' way of thinking. He was not finished there as the rapper's personal videographer shared a photo depicting a pile of Saint Pablo Tour merchandise that Kanye had freshly signed "Trump." White Trash Tyler has been working with Ye for a few years and, although anybody could have written the name on Yeezy's memorabilia, Tyler alleges that the clothing was "signed tonight by Kanye." 

Whether or not Ye legitimately agrees with everything Trump has established as President may never be known as this could all be a genius marketing opportunity to reach out to a group that feels underrepresented in hip-hop music. The photos are available below. Let us know how you feel about Kanye's recent Trump support in the last few days.