Nicki Minaj gave birth to her baby boy a few weeks ago and, already, he's being spoiled with gifts that the majority of us cannot afford.

Given Nicki's standing in the rap game, and the music industry as a whole, it's not surprising to see that her newborn baby is already being showered with gifts. This is Nicki's first child, meaning it's also her first time accepting presents from some of the industry's hottest names. She recently shared a list of people that have sent her thoughtful notes congratulating on her becoming a mother and, now, she's sending love to Kanye West for going above and beyond, delivering a care package filled with all of the hottest Yeezy styles for her baby.

"What a lucky little infant. Thank you Team Yeezy/Adidas‼️‼️‼️" excitedly wrote Nicki, showing off some of the most sought-after Yeezy silhouettes that normal people like you and I can only hope to procure. 

In addition to the Yeezy swag, Baby Minaj is also going to be decked out in Dolce & Gabanna. In the same video, she focuses on some onesies and t-shirts for when her little man grows into himself more.

As she said, he's definitely a lucky infant. Not everybody is being personally gifted thousands of dollars worth of designer goods but, when your mother is Nicki Minaj, that much is expected.

Looks like Baby Minaj will be heading to his playdate with Adonis in style!