Kanye West's admiration of Donald Trump has caused no end of controversy ever since he made his return to Twitter. It was reported earlier that Kanye would be making a statement regarding his feelings about Trump on Friday, but he may have decided to jump the gun and tweet it out today.

Kanye released a brand new tweet storm today, confirming that he does, in fact, "love" Donald Trump (enough to autograph his name on merch), but went on to explain exactly what that love means to him, and make a note of his actual political stance. 

First Kanye iterates that he isn't affected by mob mentality, and no amount of screaming at him will make him reconsider his stance. He then goes on to explain that, while they may have differences in opinion and action, they can still respect each other as individuals.

He also makes it a point to mention that he also loves Hillary Clinton as well, and that the number of people he knows who like Trump is a "50 50 split."

He then goes on to explain the power of love, and how it's the most powerful force in the world. Kanye apparently says "I love you" to everybody, and that his friend Tmills inspired him to be more loving.

He finished it off by saying that love is more powerful than any race, religion, region, or political party.

Does this help you understand Kanye's thought process more, or is it not enough to excuse his affiliation with Donald Trump?