Over the past year or so, Kanye West has completely shifted his musical focus to gospel. The legend has transitioned to doing Sunday Service performances with his choir that has over 100 people in it. These performances are extremely popular with fans and he has been in high demand with some of the biggest churches in the world, including that of televangelist Joel Osteen. West has done performances for Osteen in the past and was even supposed to bring his Sunday Service Choir over for Easter.

Well, according to TMZ, West has decided to bow out of his scheduled performance over concerns regarding the Coronavirus. The Sunday Service Choir has over 100 members which would be almost impossible to control when it comes to social distancing. West reportedly had a plan in place that would also include wearing masks but in the end, Ye felt like it wasn't worth it.

Kanye West

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The Coronavirus has put a damper on pretty well everyone's plans over the last few weeks. It could be months and maybe even a year before we return to normal life. Musical performances and sports have suffered the biggest hit, as a result.

As for Osteen, he is expected to have other big guests like Tyler Perry and Mariah Carey. As for Kanye, we're sure he will be working with Osteen again, in the future.