Today, Kanye West has professed his utter adoration for "Akira." Despite professing a public love of pornography, Ye is not, in fact, talking about Asa Akira. Rather, he's paying homage to the anime masterpiece created by Katsuhiro Otomo. Taking to Twitter to express his appreciation, Ye uploaded a picture of the visionary, writing "Katsuhiro Otomo the creator of Akira. This movie is my biggest creative inspiration." While Ye does indeed seem prone to hyperbole, he backs up his claims with an elaboration.

"Every stage show I’ve ever worked on Every video not just Stronger every product even when I was in the hospital I would think oh shit this is like Akira," writes Yeezy, evoking memories of a Graduation classic. Fans may recall the anime inspired artwork surrounding Yeezy's third album, adding validity to his claims. "This is not only the greatest animation achievement in history the subject matter is so relevant to the current state of the world," continues Kanye, paying homage to the film's subject matter and artistic direction.

It's also telling of Kanye's worldview. In the 1988 film, a nuclear induced WWIII gives way to a government conspiracy, putting forth politicians and military minds against a supernaturally charged protagonist. Do ya'll feel like Yeezy's words ring true?