Kanye West is not an avid Twitter user, but in the past we've seen him use his account for moments of passionate fury. Those days are over (we think), as Ye took to his timeline today to officially apologize to Beck for his semi-interruption, and post-show comments at the Grammys. While he was at it, he decided to also throw an apology Bruno Mars' way. Apparently Ye had "hated on" the singer in the past, but now totally respects his artistry (we're guessing "Uptown Funk" may have done it). 

Then, we got a third tweet, in which Ye put out an invitation for Bruno Mars to sing the hook on a song for his new record, which he revealed was produced by himself, Diddy, and longtime collaborator 88-Keys. He also shared that he planned to have Tyler, The Creator (who has also infamously clowned Mars) direct the video.

View West's tweet below, and watch his Zane Lowe interview that went down today here.