Two of the most controversial people this year, Kanye West and Nick Cannon, have teamed up to release their multi-part interview, dropping the second hourlong video today.

After the first part generated so much attention, including soundbites about West "walking" for office instead of running, more comments about abortion, and more, the duo has come through with the continuation of their talk.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

It starts off where Part 1 left off. Kanye starts rapping some freestyled bars before going off about how he's a multi-genius and multi-billionaire, claiming once again that he has more money than Donald Trump and speaking about his "secret" meeting with Jared Kushner. West says that he would be also open to meeting with Joe Biden to talk politics, saying that because of his religion, he loves everybody. He also implies that, just because Kamala Harris is a Black woman from the Bay Area who graduated from an HBCU, it doesn't make her Vice Presidential run "good for the culture."

If you're daring enough, press play on the video below and listen to the ramblings of Kanye West and Nick Cannon.

Recently, Kanye was trending because of his latest Sunday Service stunt, setting up a see-through stage on top of water and walking on it with his crew, which many referred to as a "cultlike" move. Read about that here.