Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were officially sworn in as the president and vice president of the United States of America. Their inauguration was vastly different than others. For one, Trump failed to show up, breaking tradition that has been carried with every president that came before him. We could point out several other ways that the Trump administration has affected this process but I won't waste your time.

There was a lot of swag at the inauguration this time around, especially in comparison to 2017. Beyond Lady Gaga's elaborate dress, it was a mysterious pair of Dior 1s that stole the show earlier today. Desus of Desus & Mero fame was among the first sneakerheads to observe the pair of Dior 1s as Sen. Amy Klobuchar delivered her speech at the inauguration. After further inspection, it turns out that the pair of kicks belonged to none other than Kamala Harris' nephew-in-law. Meena Harris, the VP's niece, confirmed that her husband donned the Dior 1s to the inauguration, though she didn't seem too pleased at the decision.

"@MeenaHarris is Nik wearing the Dior 1s?" Bobby Hundreds tweeted. "Yes smh," Harris responded. 

Along with Nikolas Ajagu's choice of footwear, many noticed that Joe Biden's granddaughter Maisey Biden was rocking the 1s Mid Sisterhood. 

The Dior Air Jordan 1s were being sold for $2200 upon its release but now have spiked up by thousands of dollars. While it might be a flex to wear them to the inauguration, it was Bernie Sanders that ultimately stole the show.