In a feud that nobody expected to pop off (2020 is still coming through, it seems), K. Michelle took aim at Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher, claiming that the Lamborghini truck that the rapper gave Ari for her birthday was actually rented. The two-on-one battle became heated over the weekend and, clearing up the mess, K. Michelle's own car service chimed in.

"You're trying to go ham on somebody about a rented Lambo?" said a man claiming to be K. Michelle's car service. "I'm your car service... You're trying to diss some random rapper about a rented Lambo, or a Lambo truck? I'm your car service. You tryna play me, your car service? You should come at me first, talk to me, but first, pay me my money."

After her driver spoke out, K. Michelle seemingly conceded to Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher, giving up the battle and claiming that she won't go on Instagram Live anymore since that's where this entire beef popped off.

"In the words of @iloveshalah 'No more Instagram lives for you miss lady, you forget when you’re even on it' Lesson learned," she wrote in a new post.

Waving the white flag, it looks like K. Michelle will be a lot more careful in the future, especially when she has something to say about other people's problems.