According to various reports surfacing online early Thursday morning, Justin Bieber apparently struck & “ran over” a photographer's leg with his vehicle as he left a church service in Beverly Hills, and it was all caught on camera.

Justin was leaving the Saban Theater, where he'd been worshipping at a City Church event when the accident occurred. Justin hopped into his black pickup truck as photographers scurried around his vehicle to snap pictures, and when he gunned it to getaway from the chaos, he hit one of the guys. You can see in the clip (below) that Biebs’ front right side tire hits, & rolls over, the photographer. Justin did not flee the scene though. In fact, he stayed right by the man's side for roughly 8 to 10 minutes until paramedics and police arrived on the scene.

Justin reportedly spoke to police before he was allowed to leave the scene, and police told TMZ that he was not cited.

While the photographer didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries, this has lawsuit written all over it. Check out the footage obtained by TMZ (below), and we’ll continue to keep you posted.