If Jussie Smollett was told just four weeks ago that he would be on vacation laughing and having a good time with his family, he may not have believed it - or maybe he would have since he stood by his innocence. As we know, all charges were dropped against the actor after he was accused of staging a racial and homophobic attack against himself. 

While the Empire star is far from the city of Chicago where the attack allegedly took place, he still has some impending lawsuits to deal with since the city is still in the works of having Jussie pay up for time spent to investigate his case. As we previously posted Jussie is expected to pay the city back $130K but TMZ reports that he hasn't been handed the bill just yet. 

"It is a small way of both acknowledging, one, guilt; two, that we spent these resources, and the taxpayers deserve, at minimum — because I think there's a whole other level of ethical costs, because he's still walking around, 'Hey, I'm innocent, everything I said from day one is true' — that actually we're going to get the resources back," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said of the costs. "But come with those resources is, implicitly, if you pay it, that the city spent money to uncover what the grand jury discovered."