It seems as if Juice WRLD is a study in duality. For one, the young talent has won hearts with his melodic lamentations over relationships destined to fail. In truth, his music shares many sensibilities with the "emo" genre, as seen during the height of the craze in 2007-2009; even his cadence evokes similarities to a genre that fueled Facebook and MSN status for wayward teenagers of yore. Yet it would be foolish to write him off as a mere passenger of the hip-hop genre. It's becoming increasingly apparent that Juice WRLD has developed a talent for the lost art of freestyling, delivering performances that put many his peers to shame.

In fact, his freestyles are so consistent, it makes you wish the man would dedicate himself more purely to a hip-hop aesthetic. Yet bags must be secured, and for now Juice is still staking his claim. We can only hope that his freestyle circuit awakens a desire to explore something closer to traditionalism; he certainly has the skill-set for it. Today, he has added another offering to his expanding repertoire, taking to Drake's "Headlines" instrumental on Big Boy's Neighborhood.

Though marginally shorter than his impressive one-hour-straight Westwood session, Juice continues to flex on em', taking an effortless approach to the uptempo banger. True, his affinity for the "uh" flow cements him as a product of his generation, but it's not often that a young dude can provide a service liable to make Funk Flex crack a smile. Peep the freestyle below.