The City Girls released their well-received second studio album City on Lock back in the summer of last year, spawning hits like "Jobs" and "Flewed Out," while also earning a spot on numerous best album year-end lists. JT, the more fiery half the duo, has been linked to Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert for much of quarantine, so when the Miami-bred artist passionately belted out lyrics to Summer Walker's "Session 32," many fans wondered if she was being shady towards her rumored beau.

"Ooo no, this song right here," she says as the opening strums of the track's stripped-down guitar production start. "Threw away your love letters," she sings passionately into the camera. "Thought it'd made me feel better, hey, finally got you out my bed, but I still can't get you out my head," she continues to belt before saying "oo, wait."

She continued to sing the lyrics of the song that were clearly resonating with the "Act Up" rapper while adding matching hand motions and facial expressions, belting "I'm sending you one text at a time, I know you by your phone so boy pick up your line. I ain't too proud to beg...And I need you to know, you don't know what love is, and I need you to know, you don't know."

Fans in the comments instantly speculated that Uzi had done something to set her off, with one user writing, "Uzi done pissed my girl JT off again." Another joked, "How she making a love song ghetto," referring to her aggressive delivery of the lyrics.

Last week, JT was suspected to be the mystery lady whose voice appeared in Uzi's live stream before he quickly ended it.