JR Smith surprised many of his fans this past year when he revealed that he would be retiring from the NBA and transitioning to college, where he would play golf for the North Carolina A&T University Aggies. Smith's quest for a college degree has been extremely inspiring, and it's cool to see what he has done at the school thus far. Smith is always live-tweeting his college experience, and whenever he does well on a test, you can tell it fills him with joy.

As for his tenure with the golf team, Smith has been grinding away, and this past week, he reached a major milestone in his gold pursuit. According to Bleacher Report, Smith qualified for his very first tournament, which is set to take place starting Monday.

JR Smith

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Smith will now get to take part in the Phoenix Invitational which is set to take place at the Alamance Country Club in Burlington, North Carolina. In order to qualify, Smith had to reach a certain score in practice, and he ended up beating said score by a single stroke. This now puts him in the field, and he will have a chance to go up against some of the best college golfers in the country.

This is a tremendous accomplishment for Smith and it will be fun to see how he does, moving forward. You can't help but be excited for the two-time champion, as he continues to prove himself in a new field.

JR Smith

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