If you're looking for a news story to parody or riff on, 9/11 is rarely the right choice. The terrorist attack, which took the lives of nearly 3,000 people, has even been treated delicately by the famously "no holds barred" satirists Matt Stone and Trey Parker, but ATL's Jose Guapo is now making it clear that he has no problem lampooning the most devastating attack in United States history. His upcoming mixtape Osama Bin Guapo features artwork that superimposes his face on Osama Bin Laden's and features the twin towers in the background, on fire and emblazoned with the logos of Universal and Def Jam.

Sharing the artwork on Twitter (below), Guapo added, "No remorse."

We're sorry Jose has yet to get the sort of major label deal many of his Atlantan contemporaries have, but this is certainly not the way to deal with it.