Jorja Smith was one of the biggest breakout artists of 2018. She attracted a large fanbase after the release of her debut studio album, Lost & Found. While Jorja's music gave enough reason for people to fall in love with her, her beauty also fuelled infatuation. Since we know how much people swoon over the English singer, we tend to keep you updated on any thirst-provoking photos she shares. If you search her name on our site, you'll see that we've been doing a pretty thorough job. 

Some people take their obsession with Jorja Smith too far. If you happen to be a frequent Twitter user, you may have stumbled upon some indecent remarks regarding the hotness of the "Be Honest" artist and the fantasies that some are inclined to have about her. Turns out, everyone should be careful what they're tweeting because Smith sees the creepiness and, frankly, she's grossed out. 

In her recent interview with HOT 97, Ebro broached the topic of Smith's bikini-clad Instagram uploads and this conversation transitioned into a discussion of the lewd things people write about her on the Internet. "People say some mad stuff about me," Smith said. "If you type my name on Twitter, it's actually disgusting. It's not even funny. There's some crude stuff." 

Luckily, Smith isn't a big fan of Twitter and only sees the antics on there when friends direct her attention to them. In this case, she may be spared some disgust. If you look in the replies to the tweet below, you could find some examples of the "crude stuff" that Smith's referring to.