While most people manage to go the gym frequently in January and then abandon the healthy lifestyle for the rest of the year, Jordyn Woods appears to do the opposite. On Monday (Feb. 10), she took to Instagram to inform her 11 million followers that she's back on her workout grind and she's reviving the new year's resolution spirit.

The influencer captioned two videos of her doing exercises: "getting back to it🖤🐍💪🏽who’s with me!? what are your 2020 fitness goals? (That was my first time doing the second machine but after the 5th set I was a lot more graceful 😂) for those of you asking the first workout is all for core strength." A follower expressed appreciation in the comments for Woods sharing the not-so-graceful set, to which she replied that she has "to keep it real." 

In contrast, another follower criticized Woods for suddenly deciding to work out at the fitness facility that Kobe Bryant founded after his passing. "This seems very clout-ish. Mamba Sports Academy? Since when...? 🥴" Woods' friend came to her defense in the replies, explaining that she was the one who had invited Woods to come workout with her there. "People just have anything to say," Woods commented, brushing off the hater.

In the caption for this post, Woods also plugged her company, FRSTPLACE, which supplies fitness guides.