Johnny Manziel has been one of the most interesting names in football for the better part of this decade. While he hasn't exactly performed up to par on the football field, there is no denying that he has led a pretty interesting life. From the Cleveland Browns of the NFL to the CFL, and even the now-defunct AAF, Manziel has pretty well been everywhere when it comes to professional football. His personal life has taken a bit of a hit over the past few months as back in March, his wife Bre Tiesi revealed they were breaking up because he betrayed her. This was a pretty interesting revelation especially after Manziel had said he had turned a new leaf.

Now that the two are broken up, Tiesi is getting her tattoo of Manziel removed from her forearm. The tattoo is pretty basic as it simply features Manziel's initials, "JM." In a video which was re-uploaded by TMZ, Tiesi can be seen at a plastic surgery office where she is explaining the laser procedure which will remove the tattoo once and for all. 

It's interesting to note that Manziel has a tattoo of Tiesi, although no one knows what's going to come of that. Perhaps he is keeping it to hold out hope for the future.