Kevin Hart's Youtube talk show series "Cold As Balls," in which the comedian and his guests sit in ice baths in a locker room setting, has returned for a second season and will include athletes and celebrities such as Odell Beckham Jr., Skip Bayless, Lamar Odom and, most recently, Johnny Manziel.

The former Cleveland Browns QB, and current member of the Montreal Alouettes, spoke with Hart about his college life, the decision to play football over baseball, and his struggles with the Browns.

In discussing his rockstar status at Texas A&M, Manziel tells Hart (H/T Sports Illustrated), "A kid from where I'm from—20,000 people—we don't get the chance to meet celebrities. Much less meet everyone that you would want or have the chance to talk to them at the tip of your finger. ... So after that first year, after the fame and everything started to come, I couldn't help but eat it up."

After failing to make in the NFL, Manziel has since tried to get back on track. He signed a two-year deal in the Canadian Football League, meaning he won't be eligible to return to the United States to play football until 2020, assuming he's not released.

"I don't expect people to look at my story and feel bad for me. A lot of what I did was self-inflicted," Manziel said (H/T SI). "I'm at a point now where I can look back, I can reflect and realize that I was one way. That was wrong. What can I do moving forward, because I can't change how I was."

Check out the full episode of "Cold As Balls" in the video embedded below.