Johnny Manziel was a sensation during his time in the NCAA. As a member of Texas A&M, Manziel was a bonafide star and his win against Alabama is what made him so beloved by fans everywhere. He was also known for being a huge party animal, which unfortunately led to his demise in professional football. Regardless, Manziel was a highly-touted individual back in 2013 and there were a lot of people looking to make money off of him.

As Manziel explained in a recent episode of Barstool's "Bussin With The Boys," Manziel made $33,000 prior to his 2013 campaign. Essentially, Manziel was approached by two different people, asking him to sign autographs in exchange for some cash. Manziel said yes to both deals, and that's how he made his money, despite strict rules prohibiting such a thing.

Johnny Manziel

Joe Robbins/AAF/Getty Images

"This guy comes up behind me, he's like, 'Yo, how would you wanna make 3 grand?'" Manziel said. "I turn around, I'm like, 'fuck yeah, bro.'" Manziel was eventually approached by someone else who offered him $30K, which led to a lucrative payday and some sketchy business affairs. "So, this guy's pretty much, 'All right, go to this room at the Fountainebleu. All this stuff will be in there laid out. When you're done, just send me a picture of all of it. I'll give you the code to the safe, the money will be in there,'" Manziel explained.

Manziel was eventually investigated for his involvement in signing pieces of memorabilia for cash, however, no real evidence surfaced at the time. With Manziel's days in the NCAA well behind him, it is easy to see why he would come through with such a revelation when there is absolutely nothing to lose. 

At this point, it seems likely that he isn't the only one to have done this.