For months now, Kanye West has been teasing fans with an interview with Joe Rogan. Months ago, Kanye tried to make it happen after Rogan extended an invitation although, in the end, nothing came out of it. Now, we are just 11 days from a Presidential Election that Kanye just so happens to be running in, and he is looking to get his platform out there. As a result, he has been pushing Rogan for an interview, and just last week, it was revealed that Kanye would be meeting with Rogan today.

Of course, in true Kanye form, fans were skeptical that it was actually going to happen, but today, Rogan took to Instagram where he posted a photo of himself and Kanye. Needless to say, the interview has taken place and is set to release tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time.

"Oh yeah we did! Dropping tomorrow at 12pm Texas time. Beyond my expectations, and I think people are going to have a much better understanding and appreciation of how this man thinks. I really enjoyed talking to him, and we had a lot of fun. @kanyewest," Rogan wrote.

Based on Rogan's caption, it's clear the interview was a productive one, and we're sure there are going to be some massive viral moments to sift through. Rogan's interviews are always long and informative, which means a sit down with Kanye will be no exception.