There's no denying that the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest podcasts in history, and the man behind it has been oft-praised for his natural conversational skills and open mind for wide-ranging subject matter. Between those qualities and the extended runtime of an average JRE episode, it's no wonder that Kanye West has been eager to have a sit down with Joe Rogan -- especially in the midst of an attempted Presidential campaign, which also happens to double as an album rollout.

Kanye West Joe Rogan

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Two days ago, Kanye essentially shot his shot at Joe in a platonic sense, voicing his desire to appear on an imminent episode of the JRE. "Would love to go on Joe Rogan’s podcast LIVE this week I have my team trying to get your number Joe I’m in Calabassas Let’s do this my friend," he tweeted, sparking a decent amount of traction in his mentions. Of course, this isn't the first time that Kanye West attempted to connect with Rogan, having previously canceled a scheduled appearance early last year

And though his recent reach-out failed to elicit a response from Joe, Kanye was not deterred -- not that he ever really is. Upon having his message reported by WorldStarHipHop, Kanye took the opportunity to retweet it, clearly hoping to continue the momentum surrounding a potential appearance. Check out Yeezy's message below, and sound off -- do you hope to see him sitting down on the Joe Rogan Experience, given everything he has to say on an expansive list of topics?