Something that many of us have been waiting for is the upcoming episode of Joe Rogan's episode, which is set to feature Kanye West. Rogan is one of the most popular podcast hosts in the world and his status as an accomplished comedian and UFC commentator has only helped to get people even more amped about the show. As we all wait for any information regarding the podcast episode, Joe Rogan has come through with somewhat of an update before the program airs.

While he hasn't given us a date to look forward to, Rogan is reminding us that the podcast with Kanye West is still on the way. In fact, he's even got a new addition to his in-studio figurine collection with Ye being made into an accurate-looking little toy that Rogan can look at to remember their chat. The host wrote, "Kanye and I know you’re waiting. We’re working on it."

Hopefully, one of the two entertainers offers up a day and time that we can expect this to drop. Each new Joe Rogan tweet is sending commenters into a frenzy after Yeezy confirmed that he would be sitting down with the man at the beginning of the year. Are you looking forward to the upcoming episode?