Joe Rogan has earned his place at the top of the podcast hierarchy. The Joe Rogan Experience host has garnered respect across the board for his generally nonbiased approach to conversation, respecting all walks of life, from Democrat to Conservative, comedian to MMA fighter, rapper to scientist. In that sense, a no-holds-barred, longform tete-a-tete with Kanye West seemed like a foregone conclusion, especially given that both parties already expressed prior interest. Now, it would appear that a Kanye appearance has become a reality, as confirmed by the Tweet-happy rapper on New Year's Day.

It would appear that the pair has indeed spoken, presumably to plot a more formal get-together. Of course, Yeezy made sure to hit us with the hip-hop favorite "coming soon," which tends to mean in the imminent future or a veritable age. Still, Rogan's prolific output and interest in breaking bread with Ye gives us reason to be optimistic. As for the interview itself, we can only imagine that the content will be dense, the soundbites numerous; consider that Rogan's episodes can run for hours. That's a whole lotta unfiltered Yeezy. Yet though he's not exactly the most refined speaker, few can deny the unique brilliance of his mind. This should be a good one.