Are you up for Sober October? A human performance company, WHOOP, is partnering with a number of comedians and podcast hosts to test how getting on the wagon affects a person's overall well-being including sleep patterns, moods, and recovery. According to Yahoo! Finance, The Joe Rogan Experience's Joe Rogan, 2 Bears 1 Cave hosts Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura, and Skeptic Tank's Ari Shaffir have all signed on for WHOOP's Sober October.

WHOOP is welcoming fans to join in as well by monitoring their recovery processes with the company's app and devices. Participants can track the fluctuation in their "Recovery, cardiovascular exertion (Strain) and Sleep analytics." The company will continuously track how their team of four hosts is holding up throughout the month of October while tracking their data in real-time. Over on WHOOP's podcast, they've planned for professional athletes to stop by to chat about alcohol intake, both in-season and off-season, and how they believe it impacts their abilities on the field or in the court.

Rogan shared a photo of himself alongside his podcast crew of sober misfits to mark the first day of no alcohol. You check out their progress around the clock at