Aside from uncovering a brewing beef with Drake via his Twitter page, Kanye West has used his platform this week to be especially vocal about his mental health, revealing that he has been off his medication for six months now and is back to making "watch the throne level" and "dark fantasy level" music since making that decision.

He's taken the time to speak out about his transgressions with the depiction of mental health and depressive states in the media and issued out something of a challenge in that same stride.

"I’ve been trying to do a serious interview speaking on mental health but it seems as though all members of press are afraid to speak to someone who has been diagnosed but is still everyone’s favorite super hero," he penned in a message Saturday morning.

Well, UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan heard the call loud and clear and responded to Ye with an invitation to discuss it with him, noting that he's open to talking about it "for as long as you'd like."

Since that fateful TMZ appearance, Kanye has been avoiding the media rounds, most recently dashing to his car when approached by a field reporter from the outlet. But, Rogan's own podcast certainly provides a much more candid, and we'd like to presume, safe space for Kanye West to speak about mental health in the aftermath of the firestorm of events that have taken place this year.