Awhile ago rumors started circulating that Joe Budden would be proposing to his on-again off-again girl, Tahiry Jose, on the popular TV show "Love & Hip-Hop." When the episode finally aired the other week, we saw the proposal go down in New York's Times Square-- and we also saw Tahiry reject Joe for it.

Now that the season is wrapping up, Joe Budden hit up Hot 97 to discuss the failed proposal to Tahiry and how he's been feeling since it.

While he confirmed Tahiry's response wasn't the one he was looking for, he did say the night as a whole was enjoyable. "But I'm mad at the editor they edited so much out. In the scene that I shot with my mom afterwards, I expressed how the answer didn't take away from how beautiful the night was. With the family there, and just leading up to it and the ring and the wedding planning, all of that was great still."

As for getting back together with Tahiry, Joe's response is a very adamant no. "No. No way. That will never happen again. Ever, ever, ever, ever."

Check out the brief interview with Hot 97 below.