Tekashi 6ix9ine has been doing what he could to milk a press run out of his lackluster album, Tattle Tales. Now, at this point, we've seen him sit down with TheShadeRoom, Fox News, and one of the Paul brothers so he could "tell his side of the story." While he's attempted to snag interviews with other platforms, it looks like he's fell short in his attempts. First with Gillie Da King and now, Joe Budden

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal, Joe Budden revealed that he, too, got a call from someone on 6ix9ine's side that wanted him to sit down for a one-on-one interview. Apparently, the pitch 6ix9ine gave Gillie was similar to Joe. He promised his "biggest interview" to date, simply to expose new information on the case. It became as clear to Joe as it did Gillie that this was simply 6ix9ine's way of sitting next to someone who as certified and had some respect to leverage his name and boost album sales.

Joe added that he realized this became a way for him to antagonize people who don't publicly mess with him. "Oh, he was looking to snitch again?" Mal responded. 

Joe continued to say that he asked 6ix9ine's man, a man named Murph, why he wouldn't do the interview with Akademiks. "That wouldn't materialize the way it would if he were with you," Joe recounted being told. Joe pushed further, inquiring why 6ix9ine wouldn't just use his own platform to tell his own story, as he's been doing all along.

"Now, it becomes crystal clear, as it did for Gillie. You're not looking to expose something. You're looking to expose something next to someone that's official. You're looking to expose something next to somebody that didn't fuck with you. That's called you're looking for a co-sign," Joe said, adding that he didn't want to be around that type of energy, even if it would be the "biggest interview of my career." His response after finding out 6ix9ine pitched the exact same thing to Gillie? "Wow, this little manipulative fuck. Back to manipulating," Joe said.

"And now here we are. The fucking Billboard projections come out. Durk ends up moving his album, didn't want to be associated with that mess," Joe continued. "The projections are lower than what it would take for an artist to travel with nine and 10 security guards everywhere he goes. See, that's the part the public doesn't really decipher. It's not who flopped and who didn't. It's what comes in vs. what's been spent."

Check it out below.