On yesterday's episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Joey closed out the segment with a bang, premiering a brand new, unreleased track titled "Star Wars." "If I don't play it you'll never hear it," says Joe. "Cause I'm not ever selling it." He proceeds to play the track, which features a soulful vocal sample introduction, which Mal and Joe Budden proceed to talk all over. Before the song kicks in, Joe prefaces with an "alright Joe, show these n***as you nice still." 

"My every thought is corroded, choices I blow it like I'm holding explosives," raps Joe. "More than heroic, beg the Lord for some focus." Though it's unclear when this track was originally recorded, it's clear that Joe hasn't lost a step. "I'm talking Star Wars," he continues, establishing the song's prevalent theme, "the demons that come with the clothes, demons and car doors."

Though it may be too early to tell, perhaps the inclusion of "Star Wars" signifies an imminent return to the game for Jumpoff Joey. After all, you can't keep a good man down. It wouldn't be surprising if Joe came through to drop a new project at some point, considering the ample wealth of material he'd have to draw from. Could he really be the first rapper to hold fast on his retirement? Stranger things have happened. 

Peep "Star Wars" now, found at the 2:22:58 mark.