Joe Budden is facing some serious allegations from his girlfriend, who claims the rapper brutally beat her up. This, according to TMZ.

TMZ reports that the Slaughterhouse rapper saw several photos of his chick with other men, and started to freak out. Sources say that Budden tracked down his girl when she was out to eat at a restaurant in New York City, and dragged her out to his car, where he allegedly chocked her out and slammed her head into the dashboard. He reportedly continued to beat her up after driving her back to his New Jersey home.

Cop are currently investigating the situation, and TMZ has obtained photographs of the alleged beating which you can take a look at in the gallery above.

Joe Budden has not responded as of yet, but we will update you on any developments. 

[Update: Joe Budden Now "Wanted" By NYPD]

Thanks to NYPD's official Twitter, we now know that Joe Budden is officially listed as "wanted" by the NYC police force. They posted his mug, along with a description and a phone number to call if you have any tips.


[Update: Budden Responds]

Joe Budden has released an official statement regarding the NYPD's "manhunt." Check out the video courtesy of NBC Channel 4 below.