Joaquin Phoenix is considered by some to be one of our best current actors. With a filmography boasting Gladiator, Signs, You Were Never Really Here, The Master, Her, and of course, his memorable foray into method acting, Phoenix' upcoming turn as The Joker has piqued many an interest. In fact, director Todd Phillips and Warner Bros Studio may or may not have been hinting at potential Oscar buzz. Now, Phoenix has opened up a little bit about his approach to bringing the loveable maniac to the big screen for yet another go. 

Speaking with an Italian publication, Phoenix reveals that he ultimately drew inspiration for his Joker laugh from a real-world source. One that may very well lead to a few hurt feelings, as such revelations are wont to do. "I saw videos showing people suffering from pathological laughter, a mental illness that makes mimicry uncontrollable," he explains, elaborating on his approach to the craft

As Complex points out, Lupita Nyong'o drew inspiration from a disorder for her Us role, only to be met with a sea of backlash, ultimately prompting an apology from the actress. It's unlikely Pheonix is the type to cave to social pressure, however, and one cannot expect or control sources of inspiration. It's likely that Pheonix will find himself facing all matter of opinions upon Joker's theatrical release on October 5th.