It's hard out here as we enter over a week into social distancing. Many are having a tough time distancing themselves from friends and family, especially those who are considered part of a vulnerable community. Clubs, bars, restaurants, and other establishments that attract large groups of people have temporarily shut their doors so people got a bit creative with how they approach linking up and partying.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

DJ D-Nice hosted an Instagram Live party where he spun the hottest records and attracted some big names. This might've been the only time where one would be able to turn up in the same room as their loaner without having the fret about getting their jaw tested. Now, seeing as how everyone had to imagine themselves in the club environment, many were joking that they were blowing bags on IG Live but turns out Jim Jones was keeping an eye out for who had the money.

"I see n***as in here tht owe me money poppin bottles," he wrote. "I'm a keep it player though it's too litt in here."

After the Live ended, Capo shared a screenshot of one of his friends pledging that he won't be "spending no more money in here."

"Nah @dnice got nighas dropping a bag on live lol @dudvampfitt said he leavin he spent way to much money lol," Jones captioned the pic.

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