While most of South Florida is readying themselves for the impending destruction of Hurricane Irma , the state, now in a state of emergency, is being fled by its residents in hopes of making it somewhere safe before landfall. All the while rapper and self-taught meteorologist Jim Jones is hunkering down in the Sunshine State as he is stuck in Miami, and shows plans of weathering through the storm. In a recent series of videos, he’s been updating fans on safety conditions as Hurricane Irma makes her way through the the southeastern seaboard.

"It’s your nigga, the meteorologist,” he begins on a balcony in one of the several clips posted to his Instagram page. “Stuck down in Miami, We got a few things to talk about. I heard Key West, Homestead, y’all really need to get the f*ck out of there. If you can’t make it out of there, y’all really need to put the shutters up and buckle down and hold tight.”

Capo seems to adopt the whole persona of a seasoned meteorologist as he switches scenes frequently, switching indoors in front of a backdrop with multiple screens displaying birds eye view shots of Miami, while the next clip show Jones hitting the beach for a brief field reporting stint letting viewers know that “It’s choppy out here.”

“Don’t go to the beach mother*cker. It’s that simple,” he says. In one final clip, Jim Jones breaks down the five storm categories, using the phrase “your ass is out” to best describe a Category 5 storm, and comically dubbing a Category 3 storm as the category in which you still have time to run to your plug in case you run out of weed.

Irma has recently been downgraded to a Category 3 storm which explains Jim’s nonchalance given his comparison. However, it’s still worth noting that Irma is still slated to cause substantial damage throughout the state of Florida, hence the widespread panic. We’re hoping anyone sticking around in the southern portion of Florida, including Jim, finds adequate shelter and stays safe while Irma passes through.

Check out all of Jim’s videos below.