The detrimental effects of the coronavirus are numerous, and though music has become a solace for many, even that has found itself disrupted. For J.I.D, who planned on following up 2018's excellent DiCaprio 2 with an album produced entirely by No I.D, his best-laid plans were unfortunately laid to waste. Over the weekend, the Dreamville rapper took to Twitter to vent his frustration with the ongoing situation, which has seemingly led to a stagnation period for the once-prolific writer. 

JID new music

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The rant started with an alarming declaration, in which J.I.D. declared "this shit no fun no mo." Upon further prodding, he revealed that the problem had nothing to do with writer's block, but had everything to do with the rollout period blues. "man idk what to drop, this shit all wierd now man," he continued, fielding a fan's question about future music.

In response to the rationale that new music is better than no music, J.I.D. was quick to rebuttal with a sad reality. "Ok we do that, then what, no tour? Not getting to see u guys and celebrate, the content and intention of the music is way more important now, I’m tryna line it up perfect cuz it’s hard to create is uncertain times," he maintains.

A fair point, and one that will likely be on the mind of many-an-artist. Either way, we've got nothing but love for J.I.D, and should he decide to wait for things to calm down before releasing, it's a decision that must be respected. Luckily, it's not all dour news -- J.I.D is set to appear on the upcoming Spillage Village album Spilligion, which is due out late spring or early summer.